Feb 6, 2020

thank you

I realize that some of the art that I am sending does still have this address.  I just came on to advise everyone that I no longer blog.  Life is just too crazy busy for that.  I invite you to follow me on Instagram  @JustBeckyAnn.  I try to post often, tho even then I slack.

An update tho--I am doing amazing!  Cannot believe it has been 4.5 years since Ron and I decided to go our separate ways.  The girls are both doing wonderfully well.   I am so grateful to say that they are both here in Oregon near me.  Hannah is deep into college and Heather is working her way up through her career as well.

I am still working at the RV dealership.  I enjoy it and love the people I work with.  I have a great group of friends that I consider family and a wonderful life here.  Our dreams of Montana kinda fizzled out.  My book that I was nearly finished writing went into the fire pit and I have no regrets about either.  As I had mentioned earlier, my passion for the story is just not there anymore and to relive it over and over in revisions sounds as much fun as mopping up the contents of a swimming pool.  Sweet, sweet memories, but that it is all they are now. My dreams of Montana kinda went away too the longer I stayed here.  Though we do not live on the ranch anymore we do call this home.  Never know where the future will take me. For now tho-- I focus on enjoying life.  :)

Thank you so much for checking in--

Much love and happy crafting to everyone!

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