Aug 10, 2016

Life is sooo magical!

This morning as I was working and doing what I needed to do before I headed out on our adventure I came across this quote. 

When something bad happens, you have three choices: You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.

It dawned on me, especially in reading back through some of my recent posts, that I often times am very guilty of letting things define who I am.  My divorce especially.  I was so consumed by it that I felt like everyone who I encountered needed to know that I was going through a divorce.  Everyone needed to know that we were living in an RV.  Truth of the matter, those things just don't matter. My RV is rocking cool and the divorce rarely crosses my mind anymore.  So onward and upward to find out who exactly I am.  

Did you know?  It is absolutely possible to exist without your cellphone on your body?  For the whole entire day??  I didn't.  For the last year my phone has been an appendage. I can only imagine the things that I missed while living inside of my little pink covered box.  I was so worried that I was going to miss a text or a call that it seriously NEVER left my side.  So today I took a chance---are you ready for this?  I wore my watch so I'd know what time it was.  Then (gasp!) I took pictures with my camera.  The real live one.  And you know what else?    Before we left, I sent messages to those that needed to know of our whereabouts then, I turned my phone off!  Guess what????  Life went on!!  The messages I missed while enjoying my daughter were okay and I will handle them in the morning.  

Looking forward to living like this more often.  :)

So we had a FULLLLLLL day!!  Yellowstone was just as beautiful as I had remembered.  It was incredible and we have decided that we have to go back up and take advantage of the 7 day pass.  We drove the entire loop around but didn't have enough day light to see everything.  Then we spent a LONG time in traffic because someone hit a bear on the way out of the park.  :(  So sad.

I have over 100 pics to share, but I just wanta post this one tonight.  The wildlife was very scarce today.  Like everything that we saw was at dusk.  

These guys were RIGHT beside us.  As in, as soon as I snapped this pic of him looking straight at me we backed waaaay up!  They were way more interested in eating than us.  However I did not feel the need to be a statistic.  It was an AMAZING day!!  Hannah and I had a reaaaaaaallly good time together.  Long talks.  Long walks.  Long silences.  Just really enjoyed being together.  I've missed that.  I seem to have been so consumed with other things that  I was missing out on her-- 

And as promised.  More ink to share with you:


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