May 22, 2016

Life is GOOD

I love the debates that have come up from my recent post.  Watching life long friends walk away has also been enlightening.  Almost comical.

 I am in no way defending myself or my beliefs but I strongly believe I need to clarify a couple of things. First, I believe in the Bible.  I never once said that I did not.  I believe that God is the creator of all.  He is the alpha and omega.  When I say that God is everything I simply mean he is in EVERYTHING that is in the world.  If he is in my work, my personal life, my family's life and everything I do, then is He not everything?

I believe in LOVE.  No judgement.  You can believe whatever you believe it is NOT my job to convert you.  It is also not my job to decide that what you believe is right or wrong.  I simply am sharing with you how I feel.  God is good, All the time.

I have been soooo busy this week!  I cannot even begin to tell you the great things that are happening with me.  However I can tell you that my new outlook on life and how I am conducting myself has moved mountains.  


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