Mar 12, 2016

Looking towards the future

So I have been daydreaming about going back West.   A cabin of course, nestled in some trees off the beaten path.  Of course it is ALL just a day dream..  Who knows if I'll end up out West?  Who knows I might be in an apartment or maybe camped out on someone's couch.  :)  I am having fun with the day dreams though.  Decorating and designing.  Starting all new with all new ideas.  I do not really have too many things from my past so it is really fun to go crazy in the idea department.  

Small and spread out?  Ohhhh look at the pond??  Is it stocked?  Or how bout this one?  T-Tiny and tall?

 Or ginormous and good for entertaining??

Nah, definitely not that.  :)  Already did the ginormous thing, totally NOT my style!!

I really like this one.  Ohhhh a sunroom/greenhouse so I can have my garden all year???  Yeah!!!  That'd be so awesome!  

Like I said it is just something to think about.  It gives me something to pin on pinterest.  LOL

So here we have more Mojo!!

I am hoping that we make it fishing today or tomorrow!  Fingers crossed that the weather will be nice.

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