Jan 11, 2016

Is it spring time yet?

I know the chances of us slipping through the rest of winter without the dreaded annual ice storm are slim to none, but it sure hasn't stopped me from praying.  I am so ready for springtime and flowers and green grass.  I hate the challenges of ice or snow here in the South.  

It has been so nice to finally be able to send some cards out.  My ever growing prayer list has been crazy full and I hate not being able to send people smiles.  I wish I could take away the heart aches and the sickness.  I wish I could fix peoples relationships and financial woes.  Unfortunately I can't do any of that.  However I can send smiles and the assurance that I am praying for each and every one.  I am grateful that I have God to lean on, without Him...yeah um I would not be doing so well.

Faith is a miraculous thing.  Especially on the days that I want to overthink, over analyze and overdo everything.  I get so impatient that I forget to stop, to listen and to wait. 

Am I the only one with this shortcoming?
Go today, be blessed and bless someone else,

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