Jun 19, 2015

Moments that take our breath away

So as you can see, I have been revamping the blog.  For the last few months I have been pondering what it is that I want to do with this.  I mean, yes of course I have a few family and friends that depend on it for updates on my world.  Since I can not seem to keep up with them in a normal and sensible fashion.  I have just a few fans that visit often to see my cards.  

But really...what is my purpose?  Who am I really trying to reach?  What am I really trying to become, to do?  When I first started this blog ooohhh 8 years ago...(holy crap has it really been THAT long?) I was just interested in sharing my love of paper crafts.  I didn't include much about my family or personal life.  Other than an occasional pic of a furry.  But as I have grown, my careers have changed, my family has changed and Lord knows we have changed homes a few hundred (ok, not THAT many, but it sure feels like it) times, and the purpose of this blog has too.  My interests now include my feathered friends, homesteading and gardening.  I still have a passion for transforming rooms into themed paradises and paper will always be a high love.  However, I believe that my world has changed tremendously over the years and so has this audience.  So I have been really thinking about "why"  do I do this?  I am obviously NOT very good at consistency ( a terrible trait not to own) and often times my content is flat and boring.  I mean, of course my work is ALWAYS (mwahaha) fabulous and everyone flocks here to ogle at my craftiness, and that should stand alone in reasoning.  But since there are a gotrillion other talented bloggers out there, I am guessing unless I posted a video of my cat learning ballet and get hoards of visitors here to watch it, this is NOT the case.  Though you might should start watching for the dancing cat, you never know what I might do to get traffic.  

So if you are reading this.  THANK YOU!  Now I hope you'll follow and watch as I transform my little spot on the world wide web into something that is a blessing to both myself and all that read it.

One thing I have been doing as of late is really focusing on my ministry of cards.  Trying to send words of hope and encouragement, Birthday wishes and just plain hellos.  For a lot of years I have just made cards, hoarding them like I was going to be able to take them to heaven with me and hand deliver them.  (Again, not a great plan.) I take photos of each and every one that I sign my name to, so why was I keeping them?  Yeah I am not sure my reasoning on that so I have been sending out more and more.  It makes my heart sing to know that even if only for 12 seconds that it takes that person to open the envelope, they are blessed with a smile.  It is not a lot.  Most do not have cash or checks (now you are wondering why YOURS didn't, if that was a possibility, aren't you?? ☺), they don't contain the secret to fame and fortune and probably don't do anything more than simply let that person know I was thinking of them.  Some people, if I were to call them every time I thought of them, they'd probably think I was crazy.  I mean, some are friends that I talk to online, some are friends from high school or college and some are of course family.  Most of you cross my mind several times a day.  

Telephone conversation:

 "Hey Suzie, it's Becky- yeah you remember me right?  The girl that used to call you names on the playground in 2nd grade?  Yeah that one.  So I just read on Facebook that your mom is real sick.  I just wanted you to know I care and was thinking of you..."  AWKWARD!!  Mind you this is AFTER I convince them to give me their phone number.  Most share their snail mail address easily, but a phone number?  *GASP* That's personal!!

A card can say things like I love you and am thinking of you and to hang in there and that you are awesome and that everything is going to be ok.  Just by me signing my name, that person knows that I took the time to say HI.  I wrote out THEIR address.  I wrote something (usually very corny) on this inside and I walked my happy butt to the mailbox, placed it in there and turned the flag up.  No awkward silence after I say I am sorry for being a playground bully, no polite THANK YOUS needed...just a simple touch of kindness, that needs no response.

So I challenge you today.  Send a card to someone you love and care about.  Not a crafter?  That is ok.  The dollar store sells pretty good cards 2 for a dollar.  Or even better, simply scroll out a note on a sheet of paper and address it to them.  You have NO IDEA how richly blessed you will be.  It truly is amazing!