Jun 28, 2014


Guess what??  I went MIA because we've moved again!  :)  I know, ya all are shocked, ok not really.  But you DO know how much we love to change our address!

We are very very grateful to be back in Tennessee.  Though we do not live in Nashville, we are just a hop, skip and a jump away and can be there within minutes.  It truly is nice to be home.  We have bought a small hobby farm and are enjoying all of the aspects of gardening and raising chickens and ducks and kittens and puppies.  Yes, I HAVE lost my mind, thank you for asking!  :)

We have had a very very busy spring this year.  The girls and I went on a cruise with 6 other ladies to the Bahamas.  It was simply amazing.  It was an artists cruise.  So we got to take classes from 3 ladies that are top in the colored pencil industry.  It was a real treat to learn the different techniques.  I had no idea colored pencils were that versatile. We ate great food, went on amazing excursions and had a simply amazing time. 

During this time we were also in the midst of a renovation.  The home that we bought had an unfinished basement that we made into an apartment for my in-laws.  It was a wild and crazy ride, but they are moved in and their space is simply gorgeous.  They have their own home, it just happens to be below us.  :)  Their own kitchen and laundry, outside entrance and garage.  So they do their own thing.  But it is really really really nice to have them so close. 

Yes, I did say that we have ducks and chickens now.  :)  We got them when they were just days old.  Little fluffy balls of fur!

Now, they are getting VERY big!  

Still bout a month out before they start laying, ohhh but I love them!

We have a new kitten.  His name is Edgar Allen.  

A new puppy.  Her name is Gypsy.  She is half lab half great pyranese.  

They are both very very sweet!

At first, our girl Felix, was not impressed whatsoever. She has since come around.  Randomly rubs up against the pup (when she thinks no one is watching) and plays constantly with Edgar.

My herb tree is going strong.

And this is an early photo of my garden.  It too is producing pretty good.

I will share more very very soon!!  For now I must get on out to the birds.  :)  Food, water and relief from the 90°+ weather.

Take care of you!


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Tamara said...

Wow, what a full and beautiful life!