Sep 1, 2012


Growing up I always HATED fall, because where I lived there was never very much of it.  Yes, I DID grow up in one of the most magical areas of our country...and yes I feel truly blessed.  BUT face it...we had snow...snow...and MORE snow.  Fall usually lasted about 10 minutes in a good year.  Ok, maybe a little bit longer than that, but not much.  You could literally see Old Man Winter decending down the mountain into our valley.  Each passing day the snow line on the mountains would get lower and lower.  Out West there are Pine trees with a spash of Aspen thrown in.  Rarely will you see any of the amazing changing color trees, nothing compared to the stuff that calendars are made of.  Again, might I say---it had its own beauty.  I am not knockin it!

But since I married and moved to the south I have been blessed with green!  And when the fall comes, so does all of the colors.  We dont really get much of a winter here so I know the cooler temps and the colors are gonna stick around for a couple of months. 

I love decorating for fall!  I love the pumkins and the scarecrows.  I love going to pumpkin patches and corn mazes and everything there is to do with this time of year.

Im super excited today because my inlaws are coming in to help us celebrate the final weekend of summer.  Pool time, fish fry and just enjoying summer.  But come next week I will be ready to pull out the punkins....would like to say sweaters too---but cmon people I live in the South!  Sweaters arent needed until February (maybe).

So folks...go and have a wonderfully blessed weekend!



PS...for those of you who dont know, I grew up in Jackson, WY.  Yes, that IS the same thing as Jackson Hole.  The view out my door WAS the Grand Tetons.


Catlady said...

Love your blog! Awesome Header :). Your photos are beautiful. You were so lucky to grow up in such a amazing place. Cool memories!

reflections:0) said...

Great new header love the ribbion and the heart but, the chain was nice too. I am a total heart freak so I am loving that. :0)

Have fun with the in-laws and enjoy the last weekend of summer as we head into the cooler nights of fall. I am so very ready for color thats what I love about the state I live in rides to the coast and looking at the color change as we go.