Sep 16, 2012

Good Morning!!!  Life is good isn't it?  I just wanted to check in with you all and see how everyone was.  As you know, Im back to work so my chances of getting on here throughout the week is limited.  I can prepost the photos of cards but its hard to make them personal when I hardly know what I am doing today, let alone in a few days.

Anyways.  An update.  My job is amazing.  I really really like it!  It is very much the same as what I am used to, but in so many ways different too.  I am soooo ready to be past this part.  I hate the training and the learning.  I am ready to just know it and be able to roll.  But I will take time.  But I really really like my team and I think we will all do amazing once I get my mojo conquered.

Going back to work has been a little stressful on things here at home too.  I am exhausted in trying to get back into the groove of everything.  Plus Heather has been going in every direction.  BUT I know that that will all pass too and we will find our way.

We are still looking for a church.  :(  That part is a little discouraging.  Geesh, didnt know it was so hard to find a place that we all feel led to worship.  Again...Im excited to find a church home too.

I do hope that each of you are well and are finding your mojo to be creative. a blessing.

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