Aug 18, 2012


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Love trail

I know you are looking at that link up there and getting ready to close out the window, thinking that you dont have time to read it or arent in the mood or just dont FEEL like reading it right now.  You are saying that you'll come'll read it later.  But you wont.  You'll get busy, you'll forget.  I will post on and it will never cross your mind again.  But I promise you.  You are NOT here by accident.  And you are not being shown the link as a fluke.  Just like I wasnt.  This is super inspiring. it.

Now, mind you, my husband is of sound mind and health.  And though there are many days that I am certain he'd rather not be dealing with me, he does.  But Melody made a profound statement...she was feeling let down and resentful because Marq was not loving her as she was loving him.  Honestly.  Until I read that, I have always loved my husband knowing he loves me back.  But it never occurred to me, what if there comes a day that he doesn't?  Of course if there is another woman thats a simple answer and response.  But what if it is of none of his control?  What if he simple doesn't "love" any at all?  Do I love him ALL the way?  I love my kids.  But I love when they love me back. 

How many relationships do we LOVE simply for what we will get in return?  Im not expecting your reply, but reflect on it.

Thank you Flexie for opening my eyes to so much more than just a marital tiff or difference.  May YOU  be blessed beyond your biggest wishes.

Friends, I also have a heartfelt prayer request for one of my friends tonight.  As their family suffered a horrendous loss of a 15 month old child yesterday.  I could not imagine the pain and sorrow they are experiencing.

Go now, love the ones you have and be a blessing to all else.


reflections:0) said...

Crying right now because it has touched you as it has touched me.

You know it has been two years this week that I had my TBI and I tell you it is a fight to come back all the time.

God bless you , Ronnie and the girls that you never go through any of this. Just remember to Love and love all day every day. It was almost my last day once and my best firends pulled me thorugh. I strugle daily with my TBI but I am so HAPPY to be alive. It really is a must read! :0)


reflections:0) said...

P.S. Your friends are in my heart <3