Aug 15, 2012

Good Morning!! And welcome to Alabama!

Hi friends!!!  I am sooo glad that you stopped by.  You'll have to excuse the dust for awhile as I am having the ole briefcase revamped.  I was going to move all together but then changed that plan too.

NOT that you care bout any of that, you are just wanting to know what is up with me in the great land of Alabama right?

Well let me go back to the beginning.

Around the middle of April my husband got a wonderful offer from a company called Volvo Rents (yes they ARE part of the Volvo cars).  Back in Construction Equipment Rental which of course is his forte' and his passion.  This is good news right?  Ummm, no.  The job was in Huntsville, ALABAMA!  All that kept going through my mind was Forest Gump screamin' GREENBOW AL-A-BAMA!  I mean, cmon, ALABAMA????  Really??  The Lord and I had MANY talks at about that time. 

God:  You have prayed for direction and answers.  I have given them to you.
Becky:  But Alabama, really?
God:  You have prayed for a job.  I have provided.
Becky:  But there?????
God:  Yes, this is where I want you to go.

Becky:  *enters a week long pout*

Yes, you can imagine that those first shell shocked weeks were NOT happy ones.  I had to tell my employers that I was leaving I had to tell the girls that we were moving (again)!  As you can imagine I was nothing short of a spoiled brat for that period.

I did agree to work through my co-workers maternity leave and the girls did eventually get over the thoughts that it was a conspiracy to ruin their lives.  Ronnie went down early to start work and the girls and I stayed up North to finish out my job and pack and let them be with their friends thoughout the summer.  It was a difficult time, but we managed.

Now, we are all here.  *whew!*

Alabama is freaking AWESOME!!  Ron is of course doing amazing at work and he just LOVES it!  The girls and I are settling in very well.

We chose to rent an apartment this go around.  We wanted all of the ammentities.  The pool, the gym, the community, the everything.  And I am soooooo happy to say that our apartments are not like the normal ones that you think of when someone says "apartment".  We have more room here than we did in our last house.  We are all one level....ground level.  There is only 10 bldgs in the whole community with only 8 units in most of the buildings.  People keep to themselves and when we are inside it is only every once in awhile that we are reminded that we have people above us.  Thats only because the little old lady that lives up there has a grand piono and man can she play!!  It is simply amazing!! So definitely NOT an intrusion.  I feel very safe here and have no worries about the girls playing or going to the pool or walking or riding their bikes. 

I love it cause I can still have my flowers.  But absolutely NO YARD WORK!  WOOHOOO! 

Our location is amazing too.  I can be at Hobby Lobby in about 4 minutes, JoAnns is the same difference just turn left instead of right and Michaels, well thats right down the street too.  :)  We are minutes away from the malls, from the grocery from EVERYTHING.  No more freakin 25 minutes to town stuff anymore.  Yes, I believe this country girl DOES like the city a bit better.

The ONLY thing that I hate about our move is that we gave up all of our furbabies.  Cyris went to live with a man on a lot of acreage and has undivided attention and lots of room to roam.  A way better situation for him, but ohhhh I miss him so much.  The girls; Twinkle Bella & Boo Bit went to live with one of Hannah's friends.  Again, I miss them too.  This is the very first time in my life (except college) that I havent had something furry to love.  We can have pets here.  But I gotta tell ya, not having fur everywhere DOES have its benefits.  :)

So....all of the boxes are unpacked.  The decorations are all up and the house is definitely a home.  We are doing well.

This week has been CRAZY!!  Trying to get the girls registered for school (it starts next week).   Of course coming from Tennessee that means that we have to have a BLUE card instead of a GREEN card for the immunizations and such.  So I have been on the phone with doctors and nurses trying to get that all switched over.  Huntsville City Schools are also doing away with text books this year and switching to computers.  So each child gets a laptop (well, K-2 get i-Pads, 3-4 get Netbooks and 5-12 get Laptops), which is great, but theres this huge long process of getting them registered and then getting the computers and this and that and this and that. 

They are both VERY excited!  Heather is anxious to explore all of the opportunities that they offer here.  She is very excited to get back in to JROTC and writing and art and they have Tennis.  AND they offer Driver's Ed as a part of school. (whew!)  Hannah doesn't know much about her school as they seem to be a bit confused.  Their computers have all been down every time weve gone over there so they cant tell me her teacher or anything yet.  But I am certain that she is going to do just as well.  They are both blown away that they get laptops.  The buses will all have wi-fi on them as well.  Ha!  In Baxter they werent even allowed to have a pencil out on the bus, now they have wi-fi!?!  I asked about the cellphone policy...which, mind you I do NOT think the kids should have em in class or even in the halls for that matter...but at lunch?  Cmon thats THEIR time and there are many times that Heather has texted me to tell me practice is canceled or is gonna run longer or can she go to a friends or whatever....Ms. Reed said that the principal is putting in a wi-fi lounge.  WOW!---can I go back to school?  On a parenting note, I AM a little concerned about what they will be missing out on.  Technology is great, but streamlining their learning to technology-based scares me.  what if something were to happen we are raising a bunch of idiots that wouldnt know what to do if the power goes out.  However, not carrying around 8 different textbooks sounds inviting and the fact that the textbooks are outdated so quickly, I do understand the schools investment thoughts too.  All I can say, is that it will be interesting.

Then I guess that I will start hitting the pavement to find me a job too once I get them settled.  I too, am anxious to meet people and get back into the work force. 

We still have not found a church yet either.  ~sigh~  I HATE this part of a move. But we are of course still looking.

Anyways. there you have it.  An update on the Peterson world.  We are doing really really well.  It is SOOOO nice to be living again and not just surviving.  And all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS.  This entire thing is a God thing.

I have been getting inky and will of course post those things soon too!

Go and be blessed!



MizB said...

LOL. And, you pouted for a week about having to move to this place that you now LOVE! LOL... Don't ya just LOVE how God works??? :P


reflections:0) said...

Congrats:0) So good to be happy. Hope my Hubby finds a new job soon this lay off is killing me it's been 5 months....