Aug 17, 2012

Clear the roads!!

My girl 's got her permit!  Only 3 hours at the DMV to make me an official Alabamaian and give her permission to give me gray hairs.  :)  Fascinates me how there was over 50 people in line when we got there an hour before opening time.  One lady said she had gotten there 2 hours before opening and was already 9th in line.  SOMETHING tells me that theres a problem with this situation?!  Oh well...we got in and got out and she is all set for Driver's Ed. 

Today we are takin it a bit easier than we have been.  Afterall it is our last free day before its back to schedules and books and homework and nagging and moaning and ---oh did I say that?  :)  Both girls are really ready though.  If we can ever get through all of the chaos and jump through all of the dang hoola hoops to get them there.  Still no teachers, still no schedules and still none of the final stuff because in Elementry the computers have been down all weeek and they havent been able to assign teachers or lockers or anything.  In the highschool...oh shes done all her part but has not yet rec her transcripts from Upperman.  Cmon folks--Baxters been back in school for a month now...the chaos there should be over!  Especially since it was THEM calling me to tell me that she was absent!  So its a matter of getting her transferred from Tennessee to Alabama.  They're bout to wake the Mama Bear and well, lets just say that Id rather not leave that impression.  But GOOD GRIEF!!  Seriously??

Ronnie got the priveledge to go fishing this week.  Caught him a ginormous bass.  I am soooooo excited to fry that baby up!!  His friend caught some too and usually throws his back (I know...a crime right?) so Ronnie kept his too.  I am so glad that he was able to get out there and have some fun, I gotta admit, I am a bit jealous though.  I wanta go fishing TOO!

Heres an extra card for you today as I found it as I was unpacking some of the stuff I took with me to play with my BFF's Marilyn and Janet!  

I TOTALLY love this inside!  BUGS & KISSES!  Ha!  On the outside the wings are tripple stamped on vellum and its hard to tell but his body is Rhinestones.

So I ask YOU, what are YOU doing today to let out the creative mojo?


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Congrats! gray is a good color hehehe JK!