Dec 21, 2011


OK so I have a new addiction that I really must share with you.  I know that 90% of you know what Pinterest is, but I also know a couple of my peeps that have NO IDEA, so let me talk with ya a bit about the best thing since well....evah!!!!  Pinterest is like your own personal bulletin board on line.  You can pin photos or videos or music or whatever else ruffles your fancy.  See a card that you so want to it!  It saves the link that you got it from and it saves the photo.  So I know that some of you do not facebook and have no desire to start.  But I am begging you----you MUST try pinterest.  I have gotten SOOOO many dang ideas that it is rediculous.  Like this one...

Is that not so stinkin cute???  I cant even begin to tell you the ideas that I have gotten from there.  Lets see if I can sum it up in a nut shell.  If you are surfing the web, find something you like....whether its a photo of tree that you think is amazing, you click on a little button at the top of your screen (you get one when you sign up) and tell it to pin this.  And whala!  There you go.  Its pinned.  Then when you go to your Pinterest board there it is.  I used to save card ideas to a publisher document so that I could print them out and remember them....since pinterest, I dont do that anymore.  I save them to my board and can scan through all of my ideas in a few minutes rather than shuffling thru tons of paper.  I have even considered scanning all of my already on paper ideas so that I could pin them too.  I am telling you---it is amazing.   And the best part is that you can pin other peoples pins.  Like the wreath was NOT my idea, nor my pin.  Someone else had pinned it....I repinned and then did it!  FUN!!! 

It doesnt require any downloads on to your computer.  Simply apply (or email me and I will send you an invite because you go on to a waiting list without the invite...) and save the PIN IT to your favorites bar (just like bookmarking a page) and you are ready to pin!  Let me tell ya, its the greatest thing.  I never did crack, but I am thinkin that it would resemble this--I just cant get enough of the stuff!

A Pinterest Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that gives you photos of the screen shot of what it looks like and also what its all about.  She said it so well that I didnt bother to rewrite it.

Anyways---enjoy your day!  And I hope to see your emails to sign you up!


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