Dec 13, 2011

OK...I will quit with the Halloween stuff....

Let's move on to Christmas huh?  No, wait, I think I should first tell you that we celebrated our first Thanksgiving holiday at home.....ever.  I cooked my first turkey......ever.  I have to admit, we had an amazing meal.  It all turned out perfectly.  GREAT!  A wonderfully blessed day.  Of course that was the weekend that I chose to a) paint the basement.  b) move Heather to the basement (she's been wanting her own room since we moved in here)  c) move Hannah to our room d) move us to the girls room and d) decorate for Christmas.  Yeah ok, so I dont claim to be real smart when it comes to timing things!!

I have to admit it all went very smoothly.  I will share more on our new rooms as we get more parts in place.  For now, we have simply just moved everything.  Well, yeah we painted.  But thats it. 

Our Christmas decorations ARE up tho.  I loooooove my traditional tree.  I was so stoked that I found the old fashioned tinsel that I usually use at the Habitat store for $.25 each pack.  Of course I recycle mine each year, but it was getting straggly.  I know the stuff is the vacuum's worst nightmare and it sticks beautifully to staticky socks and cats just find it fascinating.  But I love it.  It is what I grew up with and well...I guess it is just something that MAKES the tree finished.  I also love each one of my ornaments.  Each one has a story.  Awww...this is baby's first Christmas.  Or look....there is the Mardi Gras Mask that we got in New Orleans.  Each one has memories and opening the ornament box is like opening up a scrapbook.  Which has spurred on another idea of mine...but more on that later.


The Christmas season is well under way.  I am loving it this year.  I love the decorations and the parties and the over all joy we have this year.  No, we dont have presents oozing out of every corner.  We probably wont come Christmas morning either.  But we have a sense of family and togetherness.  We are happy.  Sure, we still have stupid hiccups, but we have grown leaps and bounds in the past year and it is amazing at all the things that have changed.  Brother Charlie preached on something this past Sunday....

Are you smelling the rain, or are you ready to smell the roses after the rain??  We have certainly had our share of thunderstorms this last couple of years.  Some, self inflicted.  Others just happened.  But let me tell ya....the smell of the sweet rose and all of the blessings that have come out of our trials is amazing.  I wont give you gorey details, but one recently, made me love my husband more than I ever thought was possible.  The rainstorm before that revalation was nothing short of hell.  Feelings were hurt, pride was shattered and my faith was all but destroyed.  But I would go through it all again knowing that that is what it would take to cross that bridge in my marriage.  A bridge that, until we got there, we werent aware needed crossing.

I guess what I am really rambling on dont give up.   Keep on keeping on.  I promise you will not be disappointed when you get to the flowers on the other side.

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terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Oh Becky, sounds like things are getting to be wonderful. I'm very glad for you!