Dec 19, 2011


When asked the simple question...What brings you joy?  How hard would it be for you to answer?  I mean, what truly makes you happy?  Is it knowing that you are loved?  Hearing your kids or grandkids giggles?  Is it sleeping late or eating chocolate until youre sick?  I have been studying this recently in my Bible Study.  I mean I know that Jesus is my only joy.  He is my everything.  But I have also been searching for the things that make me truly happy.  We all have to take the bad stuff with the good.  I KNOW this.  But my focus of the new year is going to be the good.  I can handle BAD, if it is working TOWARDS something good.  I am hereby declaring the year 2012 the year of pure JOY for me.  I am not going to partake in ANYTHING that does not have the purpose of bringing joy.  I am doing away with relationships that do nothing but cause me strife, I am getting rid of habits that hurt me and dont bring me joy.  Yes, friends....JOY is my new motto.


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