Dec 17, 2011

Cute Snowman!

Every year I say the SAME thing.  That I am NOT going to save my Christmas cards for last minute.  And well, here I am again this year, making that SAME promise.  Only because I have spent every spare moment I have had assembling cards, only to find out I am still about 25 short.  WHAT?!?!  UGH!  Yes, so I still gotta do 2 dozen more and that IS with cutting my list back to slim pickins this year.  I figure I send out about 100 cards.  With local peeps and church and so on.  Its a tradition that I DONT want to give up.  I know that postage is high and that it takes time and effort.  But I LOVE getting cards from friends and family.  I LOVE hanging them up and looking at them through out the season.  And since I kind of base MY list on ones that I receive, Id hate to be cut from someones list just cause I didnt send them one. 

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