Oct 17, 2011

Another Lighthouse

So, I got my baby girls back and I am thrilled out of my mind.  Today its back to the normal grind.  Kids back in school, everyone back to work.  I know I whine a lot about it, but I LOOOOVE my life.  I love that I am run ragged and that everyone seems to "need" me a lot.  After a week of having no kids I was reminded, my life is just as it is supposed to be.  Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely loved the extra time I got to spend with Ronnie.  I loved spending one on one time with just him.  I was really reminded of why we were together and what was so important about nourishing our marriage.  He was a doll and took me to see a movie.  I know that hed rather have been in the theatre next to us with the shoot em up loud and action packed sounds, but we went to see COURAGEOUS.

It was a great movie.  A little corney in places, but absolutely emotional in all others.  Beautiful movie.  I encourage every man out there to go see it.  Even if they do it in secret, this is something they need to see.  I am glad my hubby went to see it.  I am not sure if it will make any sort of huge impact but it was still informative and awakening.  I guess I need to schedule us a time to go see the shoot em up movie this week.  It has Hugh Jackman in it...how bad can it be???  :) 

This past week though I got to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  I ate what I wanted, went to bed when I wanted.....did whatever I wanted.  The only think that that did was tell me that I am not meant to do that.  Not now at least.  Not now, while my babies are still young.  Not now...now its the season for me to be a mom, burning both ends of the candle.  Life is good....just remind me that next week when I wanta pull my eyeballs out cause they are driving me nuts!  Mwahahahaha.

I just love this stamp set.  It is so versitile.  Nothing like lighthouse to symbolize a pillar of faith and understanding.  Not much to explain here.  I masked the lighthouse and put the seaguls on.  The light blue paper has a very faint quilt design too. 

Only thing that I am noticing...when you put the seaguls that close to the light house...ummmm the size is a wee bit off.  Either the birds are ginormous or the light house is really t-tiny.  Oh well.  :) 

Im off....go friends...be blessed and enjoy your life just as it is supposed to be!

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