Apr 11, 2011

Wish upon a star

Geesh, I cant seem to get the hang of blogging again.  Then I often wonder, is anyone even reading this thing anymore?  Am I wasting my time??  Oh well....I will continue to limp along.  :)  Maybe for you-- maybe just for me!

So this is another one of my images.  Dont ya love her??  I had fun drawing her and loved how coloring brought her even more to life!  I am still drawing some.  I am not quite certain of what I am going to DO with them---still working on that.

 Our yard is amazing.  You can tell that someone who really knew what they were doing planted all this stuff.  Each of the blooms are timed almost perfectly.  There is always color!!  When one thing is at peak or almost turned to green another thing is bursting with blossoms.  I dont think I have ever loooved a yard as much as I love this one.  Its like Christmas every single day.  Right now our Lilac bush is simply AMAZING. When I was out mowing yesterday the smell was almost tranquilizing. Holy cow! And BUTTERFLIES! I bet there is 30 of them on there at any given moment. NO, that is NOT an exaggeration. They are amazing!!!!! It makes me want to break out my Jelly Powder that is Lilac Scented and do a little purple stamping!

Anyways, most of you know that we dont have TV here.  We have succombed and gotten NetFlix on our Wii and have been wearing it out.  Well the latest craze of our family is Cake Boss...Tho I am not a huge fan of Buddy and his Itallian-Jersey-Jerk attitude, I looove watching the themes come alive.  So this week...the girls and I are gonna attempt to make a masterpiece.  Stay tuned for updates on that department!!  For now....I challenge you---go outside and find something that is completely God's master piece...and let it inspire you to be creative.  For me...Im going to get purple!!!

Love you all!


Moose Ridge said...

LOL -- I'm here... and am eagerly awaiting pictures of cakes....

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Hi Becky,
Great Lilacs. That's my next to plant item on my to do list. I miss them and we don't have any at this house!

N Tonks said...

The little bear is just adorable! I'm jealous of your lilac bush. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!