Apr 18, 2011

Lovin life in Tennessee!!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love my yard?  OK, so these are on the corner of the property.  Are they not GORGEOUS!????  Purple again.  Youd think with all of this inspiration I would be stamping my guts out.  Truth is tho that I am having soooo much fun out ENJOYING this stuff that I havent really gotten inky at all.  ~sigh~  I will soon, tho--I promise!

Look tho, I DID transform this pickle jar into a vase ...that has to count for SOMETHING! 

OK....so I told ya the cakes would be coming.  This is one I did for our Celebrating the Golden Oldies at church yesterday.  We had a great service and luncheon to celebrate our 75 years + members.  It was awesome!  The decorating was fun.  I have an order to do a cake for Heather's BFF's Birthday this coming weekend too.  WOOHOOO!

 This is "Splash".  See him?  Little bitty tree frog that lives on our back hose reel.  Have to tell you when I first found him he scared the pee outa me.  But we are buds now.  =}

 And flowers!  I am having sooo much fun with my flowers.  Nothing can make ya smile like flowers.  Well ok, a baby can, but there are DEFINITELY NOT any of those around here...so I am enjoying my flowers. 
Doesnt my bunny look like a soldier out there???  He looks so tiny when actually hes like 2 1/2 feet tall.  Theres impatients all around him though I just planted them so they are bit whimpy right now.  I am hoping before too long he will be in a sea of pink and white petals!

After all that we have been through in the last year I can honestly say that when God takes a hold of your life He really DOES have some place better for you in mind.  One year ago I was getting ready for a celebration with our family in my ginormeous house.  I was so busy chasing the American Dream that I seriously had no idea what was REALLY important in life.  Now I once again am preparing for the family get together but this year is different.  We will still host the party, but it will be in our tiny little 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage, rather than our corner mansion, but I want to enjoy each and every single person, I want to enjoy my surroundings and I want to recognize all that we have to be thankful for.  This year it wont be our kids' baskets overflowing with $Tree junk, it wont be the assurance that we all have brand new outfits from head to toe or that every item is perfectly in order.  Those things dont matter.  Sure...they are nice.  But they arent the most important...not at all and I refuse to spend anymore time worshiping them.  Mind you--my kids will still get Easter treats and we will of course spruce up our spring wardrobe with a few things, but I am NOT losing sight of Jesus this year.  For without his death and resurrection wed have no holiday to celebrate.  It always cracks me up that those that say they dont believe in Jesus' have no problem participating in His celebrations.  I dont think I have ever seen a non believer turn down a Christmas Bonus at work, and I am sure none of them are barking too hard when they get Good Friday and Easter Monday off.  Yeah, we have glorified it into a JellyBean and stuffed rabbit holiday....but without Jesus, wed not have a reason for those either.

So we have seriously been wearing out the lake this spring.  I loooove
Tennessee and I love living just minutes from the lake.  Everything is getting soooo green...its simply amazing to sit out there and just relax. 

Flip Flops flappin and my pink fishing rods flippin...yup~ pretty dang close to PERFECT!


Heather was trying so hard to enjoy herself.  I gotta admit when yer not CATCHING, fishing can be a quite boring.  I love this pic of her tho.  Shes amazing!

 And my little mermaid! Hannah was having a good time splashing and playing in the water!

 And whats a day fishing without a fish???  This is the crappie I caught yesterday.  YUUUUUMMMM!


Moose Ridge said...

yes, God is good, isn't He??

Tamara said...

Love your blog, Becky. Keep it comin'.

Honey said...

So enjoyed this beautiful post....when we focus on Jesus, everything else just fades away....thanks again...HAPPY EASTER!