May 28, 2010


Just a quick post to tell you all that after exactly ONE week, my princess came home!!  She doesnt appear to be hurt in any way.  She was very hungry and lethargic but after a good nights sleep and some food in her belly, she is back to being Twink.  THANK YOU JESUS!  I think she got in somewhere and got trapped.  Cause she seriously doesnt have a scratch on her and she is smart enough to hunt for food.  And all of her tags on her collar are intact.  While sleeping last night she had like a nightmare cause she sat straight up and started meowing.  Geesh--wish she could tell me where shes been so I could make sure it doesnt happen again.  In any world is a WHOLE lot brighter today!

Id also like this to be inspiration to you.  Each and every day Id wake up, run down the steps and outside to call for her.  Each night Id hang another piece of our dirty laundry outside (to give off a scent), only after driving home real slow with my hand out trying to leave a trail of scent.  Id call for her before I went to bed. Ronnie said hed long given up on her and seriously thought I was crazy to keep doing all this stuff for her. In my heart, I too,was preparing for her to never come home again, but I just couldnt give up.  I hope that YOU dont give up either.  Because even though not ALL prayers are answered the way wed hope for, they are answered.  Keep the hope.  Keep on keeping on.  I know that it certainly has given me a spark to get back in the game of our life and keep on keeping on.

Hope your day is just as blessed.


Moose Ridge said...

Saint Francis comes through...

Dunlap TN

BlackCats said...

That's great news. We've all had our paws crossed for her safe return. All Twinkle's friends here in the mountains send her licks and head butts. They tell her to stick closer to home in the future.

Robin said...

Such great news!