May 26, 2010

How to cram a whole 3 or 4 months into one post.

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for your cards, your emails and your notes of condolences.  Joe's passing was a humongous shock to me and a sad time.  But I know his faith was strong and he is definitely in a WAY better place now. 

This is a poem my aunt wrote, Id like to dedicate it to Joe....fits him so well.

The lights are down,

The arena dark.
The days work is done.
A cold wind blows
through hearts so sad.
But on the farthest fields
the sun shines fair.
A pack train trails out
and the sound of laughter fills the air.
Sun browned cowboys,
young of body and old of soul,
lean on a weathered fence pole,
watching the peaceful herds graze.
They talk of kids
and grandkids too,
and all the good times that they knew.
They pause in silent prayer
for loved ones left behind,
wishing them peace to find.

The Boss strides out
and settles His hat on His dark hair.
His jeans are faded and His boots far from new.
He smiles as He surveys His cowboy crew.

“Boys,” He says, as He looks out on the fields.
“There's new stock that needs tried.”
“Time to take The Lord's horses for a ride.”

by Leeann K Lucas

The spring has been a growing time for us here at the Peterson residence.  We managed to make it thru the end of the school year.  Yes, Heather is officially a freshman in highschool now and Hannah is heading up to 3rd grade.  Both are very anxious for the days ahead of them.  Especially the SUMMER ones. 

I am saddened to say that the inlaws will be moving out next week, also in that same breath thankful to say I think weve gotten along pretty well.  I am sooooo grateful for all of their help and their undying love for us and the crazy way we live! 

I am slowly but surely getting my mojo back and will be posting cards up soon.  I am hoping to reinvent my craft room so I am CERTAIN you will be seeing TONS more soon too!!

And to end this cramming of info.  I am saddened to announce that my baby girl Twinkle is gone.  I hoping that it is just for a short time, but I am worried that it might be forever.  She has been missing since last Thursday.  My heart is sooo broken.  I have talked to all the neighbors, posted flyers, driven the ditch lines and screamed until I am hoarse.  I have even scattered dirty laundry all around the outside of the house in hopes that she might smell us, called the local vets and the pound.  Nothing.  So all I know to do is keep praying, keep calling for her and keep hoping that she is ok and will come jingling up the driveway any day now.


TN Granny said...

Oh Becky you sure have had a full plate and now to be missing kitty, oh my heart breaks for you. You haven't lost your touch for beautiful cards so take your time and the mojo will come flying back.
Stampin Hugs,

lisa808 said...

Hope Twinkles has safely returned.