Apr 3, 2010


I sooooo love decorating for Easter!  Duckies and Bunnies, flowers and springy stuff!  I had soooooooooo much fun with this!  I hope everyone else loves it as much as me.  I have become t-totally addicted to Sandra Lee and Semi-homemade.  Her tablescapes are SOOOO inspiring and sooo much fun!

This is my centerpiece that I totally copied from her!  She had done a Basketball themed table and in her cylander she had put small bouncy basketballs in the bottom, where I put Jelly beans.  I love this glass vase tho.  You can get one really cheap at Walmart and I have used it for TOOOONS of stuff.  A staple really...  And I am so excited to see what it all looks like with the little candles lit. 

This is the other table.  There is just too many of us to make it around one table so we have to split up.  But I still tried to tie the tables together with the colors.  HA!  Do ya notice BLUE??

The little butterflies are from the dollar store.  Are they not the cutest thing??  The baskets are made with the sizzix envelope die.  The eggs are the ones my girls decorated earlier in the week, then just a simple sheet of paper behind the thing.  Thankfully I still had these glass plates, I thought they had gotten sold at the garage sale.  And then the napkins are just ones weve had...  The paper I already had...so for each place setting I spent ummmm...maybe 60 cents, ya know with the ribbon and the price of the egg.  For the centerpiece I already had the cylander and the paper, so I got 2 bags of cheap jellybeans and I already had the flowers.  Then the little candles were like 12 for $6, I am sooooooo excited!  Pennies on the dollar, and I gotta tell ya-I am in love!!

I am just sooo excited!


lisa808 said...

Your place settings look so pretty. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful...what time should we be there! have a very blessed Easter...pbrown

debinicol said...

What a gorgeous tablescape! What did your guests have to say? great job!