Feb 20, 2010

Thinking Day

I am thinking that TODAY was an awesome day! First and foremost let me THANK JESUS for SUNSHINE! OMG! These last 2 days have been amazing! GORGEOUS! Beautiful sunshine! Even no coat needed tempuratures!!

But on a better note, Hannah had her Girl Scouts THINKING DAY today. Thinking Day is a Girl Scout event that many of the local troops get together and each share something about a country. This year, Hannah's troop chose Ireland and it was a lot of fun. I got to try leeks in the potato soup that we made. They are really good! We got to try ALL sorts of food and it was really a lot of fun. I even tried a fried banana....I am NOT a fan of bananas but oh my gosh those are really really good!!

The bestest part was that Hannah got chosen to say the prayer in the opening ceremony. She did fantastic!! I am sooo proud of her. Even though she was really really nervous, she did really great!!
Our day then got better as we went on to the flea market. We didnt buy much but we had a good time wandering around. LOOOVE DAYS LIKE THIS!!


So much has been happening that I havent had a chance to talk much. First all...please everyone take deep breaths. Having the inlaws AKA 'rents here with us has been wonderful! They are amazing help!! And we are all getting along fabulously Photobucket(at least I think we are!!!!) I know that the girls are loving the added attention. My house is too.  *hehehehe*

I am trying more and more to get my creative mojo flowing again too.  My dear friend Becky Shake n'bake has been learning to stamp and her excitement gets me all hyped up too.  And the little booger is really really good at it!  Shes a natural!!!  In any case I looove sharing the addiction...er I mean hobby with anyone who will listen!

Work has been going well.  The real estate world is waking up again and the office is getting busier and busier.  It helps the days go by.

Most of you also know that I have been doing a little bit of stuff for Lent.  No, I am not Catholic and I have not converted either, I did want to do a little rearranging in my life.  I have set aside Facebook for 40 days trying to focus a bit more on other stuff.  I miss my peeps there, but whew!  I am finally getting caught up on some other things.  PhotobucketLike getting this blog back into shape, trudging thru 600+ emails and just some much needed time with God.  Its all good.  Will I give it up forever---no of course not!  But the break is going well.  That is one of my commitments that I have not broken at all.  The other is doing better about my diet and my health.  I am working really hard on this part, and tho I am not doing perfectly the change is going well. 

Anyways....I hope you are each doing well too.  ((HUGE HUGS)) to each of you...man I have been missing you!!

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Robin said...

Glad to hear that life is going well. Good for you for giving up FB for Lent. I gave up chocolate! I'm Presbyterian, so Lent isn't only a Catholic thing.