Feb 3, 2010

I love you Janet!

My little friend, Janet goes back to the doctor today and I am curious to hear what he says.  She fell and broke her ankle last week and she is to find out if surgery is in the future or not.  I am thinking of you girl and praying for you.  Anyways.  Loooove this Boo Boo dragon.  He is from DUSTIN PIKE -- I KNOW you all have missed him havent you?  Well I have huge news about Dustin too--he signed up with HighHopes to be an artist for them for REAL rubber!  WOOOHOO!  I am soooo excited for my pal!   The inside is a saying that I had already gotten from High Hopes.  It says HEARD YOU WERE A LITTLE DRAGON FEELIN' GREEN AND TAIL NOT WAGGIN'....


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lisa808 said...

Adorable image and cute saying. Hope you friend doesn't need surgery.