Feb 22, 2010


How can ya not just love that face?  I mean really...shes sooo sweet!  I havent been shopping for anything new lately.  I am trying so hard to keep the blinders over my eyes so that I am not oohing and ahhing over more adorable stuff.  This is kind of helping me to stay focused on all of the amazingly awesome things I already have.  Like all of these images from Cookie Crumbs.  LOVE THEM!
And for you that have asked.  I am working on getting some new pics of the furbabies.  Twinkle Bella is still doing wonderful.  She still gets to dress in BuildABear stuff at least once a week or so and Punkin AKA BooBit is still the same onery thing she always has been...just a bit larger now.  Cyris is especially loving the 'rents being here cause he all of a sudden thinks he is an "inside" dog.  I am telling you...he is magic!  You tell him no, no, no...cant come in and then magically by the time you get from the door to the kitchen he is sitting nicely on his bed.  WHAT?!?!   Geesh!

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