Aug 25, 2009

*TADA!!!!* Did you all miss me!?!

Hello peeps! Thank you for all of your kind emails and comments questioning my whereabouts and well being. I assure you I am fine and I think MAYBE ready to rejoin the land of blogging again.
Truth be known, I just havent been that creative as of late. *gasp* I know---somebody call 911!! There is an emergency! But as my future becomes clearer and clearer to me, I am starting to feel the Mojo start to trickle once more.
Isn't this bee card sooo cute? I loooove this image. On the inside I wrote BEE HAPPY.

I made this one especially with my friend Lori in mind as she is a Pooh fanatic and of course I just think she is awesome!
We have been so busy here. Chasing our tail of course trying to decide whether to sell the house, or not sell the house. We have had a couple of lookers, but nothing in particular has panned out. So we wait still.
Then, last week I casually asked a couple of friends if they knew of anyone hiring and 2 positions literally fell into my lap. One isnt exactly what I was looking for and the other didnt pan out. :( So I pouted for a day and then started submitting my resume to anyplace that would take it. And well...the process continues. I completed one phone interview this morning with a very promising and large company in Knoxville. I am really excited about it, though trying not to get my hopes up too high. I truly feel like the Lord is telling me to return to the work force. And when you KNOW what is God's will it is a comforting feeling. I am anxious!

I soooo could not resist sharing this photo with you. This of course is Twink. She is sound asleep dead to the world. Usually its a crying fit and battle of the strongest when she and Hannah mix, but I think on this particular day she just gave up. I guess she figured it just wasnt worth it and maybe if she just laid there Hannah would become bored and eventually let her go. I dont think she counted on going to sleep during this well thought out plan though.
Our first day of school came a couple of weeks ago. Poor Heather's schedule has changed like 5 times, and yet again they changed it today. Hard to believe that shes in 8th grade tho.

Hannah Banana of course loves her class. Loves all of the boys and loves everything there is about the whole situation. She is reading wonderfully and is doing awesome. So far, things are fantastic with her!

There they go!! Hi Mr. Rex! Bye girls!!
So, my life has pretty much consisted of cleaning the house for a possible sale, preparing for a mongo garage sale which will be this week, getting the kids off to school, interviewing and preparing to go back to work and so on and so on.
But I am good. Again I thank each of you for your thoughts! You are all awesome!!! ((HUGS))


Moose Ridge said...

welcome back, LOL!! it is incredible how much like you that both girls look, but especially Heather!!

love you!
Dunlap TN

Georgia said...

You were truly missed. Glad to see things are going better.

Micki said...

I was starting to take it personal, friend, lol....soooo glad to see you're back and yes, that bee card is adorable and so upbeat-sunshiny, lol.
loved the pics of the girls..... keeping fingers crossed that the house sells, etc...... miss ya!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Hey, so glad you are getting back into blogging. You were missed! Glad nothing serious was wrong - just needed a change of pace! Welcome home (blogging).

TN Granny said...

It's good to see you making a card your mojo has returned. I wish you all the best on a job your fantastic and they will see it.
Movin on that's wonderful.
Prayers always,