Aug 26, 2009

A little of Copics

So in the certification class it put our minds at ease that we would indeed be able to COLOR our stamps and use them with the Copic markers. Something that I truly didnt think was possible. And the other day when I was playing, I decided to actually TRY the techniques. The first one here:

is more of a water color effect. You color the stamp. Then spray the stamp with the blending solution and stamp as normal. It is really a cool thing.

And the second one is a little bit more crisp. Tho very time consuming if you want to do multi layers. You color your stamp, but you spray your paper and then stamp as normal.

It was fun to break out of the shell just a bit. And since my mojo is seriously dehydrated it was simple and fast.

So guess what? TODAY is my 16th Wedding Anniversary! HOLY SMOKES!! Time flies when ya are havin fun huh? But he still says he loves me. And ya know what? I think I kinda still love him. Actually I know I do. Hes my best friend. Through the thick and thin. WOW! 16 years!

Some more good news. I got a call back on the phone interview that I have tomorrow! *SNOOPY DANCING ON THE COFFEE TABLE* I am soooooo excited I can almost pee my pants! So I have a real live in person interview tomorrow afternoon.

Did I mention I was having a garage sale this weekend? Wonder if I should be preparing for that? Hmmm...Ya think?!?!

Go and be blessed!



Debbie said...

Both cards are lovely. I always forget this technique. I don't have too many solid stamps, so I'll have to dig.

Congrats on the 16th anniversary and best of luck at your in person interview. Woo hoo!

Patty Williams said...

Cute cards!

Happy Anniversary ! Hubby and I will celebrate 20 in December ! It's gone by so dang fast!

Luck on your interview!

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hi Becky, just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing! Love those two latest cards of yours...fabby!
Good luck with the phone interview and I wish you all the best....miss you over at Dustin's place!

Patty Williams said...

So, what are you selling at this garage sale?? Any good stamps? LOL

Dang, too far to go !

Anonymous said...

Nice nice nice!
Always a Most Fave set of mine
Your pale coloring is so very pretty.
Love water coloring. Kimmie

Karen said...

I live in Mt. Juliet, TN
Do you offer Copics classes?
Karen Seifert