Aug 29, 2009

Christmas...a little early

I have been wanting to do something with this whole set for so yesterday as I was watching my chick flick (27 dresses, CUTE MOVIE), I sat and colored and cut and colored and cut.
I sooo love the personalities that each one has.

It kind of looks funny in this pic, but I put the star up on acetate, so it really looks like its floating.

The angel was one of the hardest pieces. Cause even tho I looove this set, I was kind of frustrated at the fact that there were babies with each of the characters. Which is great, but when you are trying to put em all together--well, there is just ONE Jesus....too many babies!! So for this little beauty, one of the wooly little creatures got to fly!

I also robbed the cradle of the baby there too.
I am glad I finally put these babies into a card. Since it took me like 4 hours to do the card, I am guessing I wont be mass producing these.
So do you have big plans for the weekend? Its sposed to be torrential rains here so I am not sure how far we will go. But thankfully I am NOT having the garage sale. Tho the extra $$ would be much appreciated...the thought of all that work just wigs me out!
I still dont know about the job. ~sigh~ I had the interview this week and I really think it went well, but I wont know til next week if I receive a call back for the second interview. The waiting is absolutely KILLING me!
I hope that you enjoy your time with your peeps tho!
Be blessed!


Ginny said...

how cute is this card!?!

Anonymous said...

This is really neat-o Becky!!
Do you have a Scor-pal to help you with all the folding?
I'd so be lost w/out mine!
great coloring of images as well.

Pam said...

Wonderful card Becky! Great work and very labor intensive--love it! Hope you're doing well.