Jun 1, 2009

Trying to play catch up!!

This is LAST week's Mojo Sketch. Dontchya just love it!?! So much fun!
And here is my rendition of it. Tho, my photography skills that day were not up to Par.
How have YOU been? How was your weekend? Last week we were busy finishing up the end of the year. YAY! The kids are FINALLY out of school and we plan to soak in every square inch of fun that is possible this summer. This weekend we went on the hunt for a couple of campgrounds. We want to go close enough that Ronnie can still go to work everyday, but also so we can play when he is not with us. We found one (actually we KNEW it was there) yesterday and spent the day there yesterday. Went swimming in the lake and just hung out. It was great fun. Now we are hanging at home and lucky for you all, I am playing catch up on my computer stuff and so on.


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Michelle said...

Oh, how pretty! I like all the bling and feminine stuff :)