Jun 14, 2009

Sunshiney Sunday

OK, so I am a little bit behind in posting this. But I told you all that this week was soooo gonna be my catch up week! This is for June 6th Copic Challenge over at Kimms place.

If you havent been over there in awhile, you SOOOO much go check it out. Go HERE.

Did you get that? No? Well HERE you go again.

Kimm offers a challenge for Copics each week. She really wants ya to branch out and try some colors that you might not put together.

I just got this new set this week and couldnt wait to stack those flower pots into the wheelbarrow. (Thanks again Alicia for blessing me.)

How are things with you? Are you enjoying your summer? I want to send up a prayer for Kimm (yeah the one from HERE), she has been without power for the last couple of days. I guess the storms have come thru and really did a number on her. I couldnt imagine a day without air conditioning. YICK YICK YICK!

Things are good here for me today. Im getting inky and really doing some self meditating and getting some things DONE!!! (Some of YOU will be thrilled with this endevor this week too). R went out gold panning with his friends today--so I am blasting my music and doing what I wanta do. God is good.


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