May 12, 2009

A Spot of Tea!

inside says: Come and visit me, the tea is warm and the friendships free! I have to admit when Dustin presented us with the images this week, this one was kind of difficult for me to wrap my imagination around. But I really had a good time with it once I got going. Kinda makes me want to pull up a seat and have a spot myself!!! I like cards like this. Theyre no meaning cards. They are just sent because you simply want to make someone smile. Those are my favorite times to send cards. Remember you can get all of the images this week over at Dustins on Thursday.



Georgia said...

You need to just stop teasing us. I can see all my over time going right to Dustin. They are all so cute. Is he going to have them in a bundle deal? Do you know. You do such great work. I love them all

TN Granny said...

This is just darling Becky and it looks like it was fun coloring.


Rikki Holley said...

You ROCK!!! Love your version of the card :0)

Ginny said...

fab colouring :0)