May 21, 2009

Mr Fixit & Tikki Monkey!

LOOK! Its Shrinky Dinks!! This Mr. Fixit dude is another one that Dustin is releasing today. He comes with all these handy dandy little tools! I traced them on to the Shrinky Dinky plastic and then colored em, cut two holes in each so I could thread em like buttons. I just loooooove them. I had forgotten how much fun Shrinky Dinks are. I am definitely writing it on our list of rainy day things to do this summer. Did you KNOW that you can even do them in the crockpot? So even though you dont want the babies gathered around the oven, the crockpot is a charm and they can watch em all curl up and look all a mess before flattening out. Mr. Fixit himself is sporting some glitz on his underbelly and his horns, tho you cant really see it.

I had a total blast with the next image too. Tikki Monkey is sporting some awesome Coconuts dont you think???

I sat here for the longest time trying to think of WHAT embellishment I could use for her bra. Then I came up with the idea of doing a really bad job of recoloring a brad.
First, I heated the normal silver brad.

Then I dipped the hot brad into brown embossing powders.

And then heated again. And while it was still hot I dipped it again. Allowing the powder to get bumpy and really ragged looking. I think it looks awesome myself.

I then double layered the Monkey's skirt too and cut slits to make it whip in the wind. I also popdotted the whole monkey so that he would stand out against the little dudes on the side. Again, my pic does it no justice!!

So thats it for my coming out show and tell. I hope youll visit Dustin today and see what else he has going on over there.

We are still desperately praying for a buyer for our house. Funny how the Lord's timing is never early. Please continue to pray for a buyer with a fair price to come our way soon.

How are YOU? Are you up and showered and ready for the day? Are you bright eyed and bushy tailed? Or are you still grumbling? In any case I hope that you are wonderful and are very blessed today.



Rikki Holley said...

this is an awesome card and it is amazing what we can come up with when we get a creative moment.
Great Coconuts ;0)

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

What a fab idea and boy do her coconuts look good.....LOL You are too funny girl!

Hey I'll be praying for you to get the sale of your house....remember all good things come to those who wait!! At least that's what they're in my thoughts and prayers!


lisa808 said...

Adorable cards! Love the shrinky dinks!!!

Unknown said...

Becky - love these! I like how you did the tools down the right side on the fixit dragon card...and just LOVE the dimension on the tiki monkey!! the skirt, the it all :) GREAT job girl!!

Lana Clarke said...

ROFL both are fab Becky but the monkey one with the wicked coconuts is just something
You are so clever and I will pray you get a buyer real soon
Lana x

Sandy said...

You did a really great job on the cards. I love the tools down the side of the card and the dimension you gave to the monkey card with the flower, coconuts, and skirt.

Anonymous said...

These are both wonderful!! Thanks for the tip about the crockpot -- our oven doesn't have a see-through door, so the girls never get to watch their Shrinky Dinks do their thing. But we have a crockpot, so we'll give it a try. I love how you got creative on the monkey's coconuts!!