Apr 29, 2009


I am hanging in there...BARELY! It is amazing all of the sweat we have put into this place this past week. I have learned how to buff a floor, match paint EXACTLY and repair drywall tape. My inlaws have just been saints and there is NO way that I could have done ANYTHING without them! THANK YOU!

This is one of my most favoritest sets from Stamping up! I think it is sooo elegant!



Nicole said...

The card is so great. I love the tree. Keep hangin' in there. It will all be over before you know it. You're blessed to have such great in-laws. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing. This is one of my favorite stamps that you've used.

TN Granny said...

That really is beautiful, glad to see you still have time to create so your Mojo doesn't leave.

Heather Peterson said...

hmmmm.I like it. It captures the true beauty of the tree.