Nov 3, 2008

Its Birthday Time!

For the first time in a long time I am actually excited for my Birthday. No, not cause Im so excited to turn one year older, but just for the normal BIRTHDAY celebrations! My family took me out for dinner last night. We tried the new Blue Moon restaraunt that just opened.
Isnt this card cute! Those little blingies are fingernail rhinestones. Cute and T-TINY!
So what are you doing this week to celebrate MY birthday??? Something fabulous I hope. Ya know...even if you just have an extra smile...That will be sufficient!
Enjoy your day!



Anonymous said...

When is the exact day of your birthday? My hubby's is 11-5. Let me know!

TN Granny said...

Happy Birthday Becky, hope you got my card and goodies!!!! I love your card you made and I adore you Kiddo.

Sandy said...

Super cute and yummy looking!