Sep 17, 2008

Miss me??

Have ya all wondered if I had fallen off the face of the earth? Thanks for all the emails of concern. I am ok...just been swamped. Last weekend was the official Tennessee Stampers Retreat, and since I was coordinator this year you can only imagine how little brain I had left come Friday morning. It was absolutely perfect though! We had some awesome classes, tons of good food, lots of laughs and I got a chance to catch up with dear friends. These tags are the ONLY thing I finished while there. They are using Twinkling H2Os, arent they fabulous looking!? Hard to tell it in the big pic, but they shimmer. REALLY REALLY pretty. I finally have the car unloaded and things are all put away. I looove the retreat every year but it always takes me so long to recover. I know, its a rough life. But it was a glorious weekend!! 38 women from all over Tennessee put together for a full weekend of stamping. How much more perfect can you get??? And no catfights either!! Life is good!

I am in fur mode now. My sewing machine is going just a mile a minute. I have to crank out as many things as possible for the weekend. YIPES! This weekend we have the big Fall Creek Falls get together. I am anxious to see my friends, but golly I wish there was an extra weekend in here somewhere.

Now I gotta brag a little. Heather, my darling 12 year old got invited by Duke University to participate in a talent program and to take her act and sat on a 7th grade level. She is extremely gifted in the math department and they noticed! She is sooooo excited and I couldnt be more proud of her. And to think, I still have a little hair left.

Anyways. I now close with a prayer request. As most of you know my mom is down in the Houston area. Hurricane Ike came through and really hit them hard. I finally DID hear from her last night only after wearing out all of the phone numbers I had for her and her friends. She has been without power, gas, water and sewer for 5 days and they still do not know when it will return. She said that she is physically ok, her home survived fairly well, though there were many trees down, flattened fences and lots of debris. I ask you to pray for all those effected. As we still havent heard from several of her friends. Being in East TN we dont get a lot of extreme weather and it all seems so foreign to us, until one of our loved ones is in the middle of it. I pray for ALL of you who ARE effected.

Go, friends, enjoy your day.

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Patty Williams said...

I've been thinking of and praying for all those in the path of Ike, or even remotely affected!

Ike came this way on Sunday with a big windstorm! That big bugger knocked out our power all over this area! We were without any electricity for 3 days! For us, that means, NO water and NO flushing toilets!

We lost all the food in our fridge and the big freezer!

I'm so happy it's back on! Now, I need a nap, some energy and some gumption!

Glad the retreat went well for ya!

Hugs all around!