Sep 18, 2008

Little bunny foo foo!

I soooo heart this rabbit! My dear friend Nancy P got it for me last weekend as a Thank You gift at retreat and I have been wearing him out! I loooooove him. Anyways. This first pic does not do justice to the card. I used another one of my Twinkling H2O tags from retreat and stamped both on the tag and on the card. Laid it over and adhered. It looks neato in real life. But once again I am showing you my terrible photography skills. I painted a thin coat of white twinks over the entire rabbit. The corners are then lined in gold foil to match his ribbon. TOOO FUN!

And here he is just plain. This is using chalks to color him.

Have I told you lately how blessed I am? I am married to one of the most kind hearted men I know. Yeah, he has his faults and his little "issues" are enough to send me to the looney bin, but it is ever so often that I am reminded just how wonderful he is. How kind, considerate and truly loving he is. And to think that he picked ME out of the 6 billion people in the world. AMAZING!

Then I have two beautiful and bright little girls. Heather keeps me amazed with each and every day. All those months of tears, arguing and just plain distress, and now, she is passing all of her classes with A's, she is exceeding in absolutely every thing she attempts and she turning into the most miraculous young lady. Id like to say that I am proud, like I could take credit for it. But the truth is...I am honored. Wow, once again, 6 billion people in the world and God chose ME to be her mom. AMAZING!

And Hannah. It is simply fascinating to watch her grow. Each and every day she learns something new. Each day she is faced with new life facts and she speeds through them with such wisdom and sincerety. She befriends every person she meets and she loves them with all of her being. I make fun of her obsessive need for details but she reminds me oh so often that it IS the details that matter most. God has made her stand out amoungst everyone...because she doesnt accept anything less than those things that are wonderful. In todays day and age we are so used to mediocracy. Funny...God doesnt settle for mediocracy. Yet, we do. Thank you to Hannah for reminding me that mediocracy is ok. But why settle for mediocracy when you can have "great"? For reminding me that God is ready to give us GREAT, if we seek Him. At such a young age she simply has it all figured out. Once again, I am blessed with an old soul to watch over and protect me. AMAZING!

I could go on for days, talking about each and every single one of my friends. About my family. About my house, my car....oh you name it. I am really really blessed. Yes, I am even convinced that there is SOME good use for the waste high weeds that are taking over my yard.

How bout you? Have you stopped to think about why you love what you love? I mean...I KNOW that you love your spouse...but why? Why is it? Other than that is just what they are. Or why do you love your mom or even your own kids? Other reasons than just the fact that they are who they are.

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Heather Peterson said...

Yeah.Hanna and I are completely different.She's loud I'm not.She's energetic I'm not.She's girly I'm deffenitly not.Yeah.Opposite.Alot.