Sep 20, 2008

Cook off!

This is another one of those handy dandy cat images I got from that swap. I looooove coloring them! SOOO MUCH FUN!

Can I just say I have a new addiction. My friend Michelle, gave me the address to a website when I told her that this weekend was the traditional cookoff and I needed to find some recipes to enter. 2 years ago it was the crockpot cookoff, and since I am just not a fabulous cook with my crockpot, well....I only entered my pulled pork bbq. It won 3rd place, which I was pleased with. Last year was the same cookoff, cept it was using the dutch oven and open fire. WOOHOO! I totally kicked tail in that contest. Winning a first in main dish with my baked spaghetti, a first in side dishes with my potatoes agrautin and then 2nd in the dessert competition with my apple pie. Oh yeah! NO ONE can touch me with the a fire! But I was a little disappointed to learn we were revisiting the crockpot. Awww man!!! So it has been my mission to find something NEW to cook.

Anyways...Michelle told me to visit Stephanies website. Called A YEAR OF CROCKPOTTING!! Oh my gosh! This chick is amazing! She made a new years resolution to cook all of 2008 in a crockpot. OK, I cant go that wild, but I gotta admit, she certainly has inspired me!!

So heres the verdict. Wish us well!! Heather will be making these brownies. Though she is cooking them in a glass dish that fits into my crockpot. And Hannah is making french toast. Ha! Can you tell who picked the recipes??? SWEET!!! I think I am also gonna have the kids make a version of her Rocky Road Candies too...cept instead of nuts well use Teddy Grahams...and make SMORES candy! YUUUUM O!!!!

I am like totally obsessed with this website. Where has she been all my life??? Now mind you, many of her recipes are gluten free and milk free and so on. I am all for being healthy, but I have no doubt they can easily be converted right back to their full of fat full of fluff beginnings. If you try any....PLEASE let me know what you think!
By the way...dont forget to make your plans to go see FIREPROOF, it opens in theatres next weekend! Its one that you AND your spouse need to see together.


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debinicol said...

and Beck, are you going to be so kind as to give us that website? PLEASE>>>>I love to cook and need to use that crock as much as possible since I cook for 100 at once...once a week! HELP!
DebiNicol at yahoo dot com