Aug 15, 2008

Candy reminder~!

Ohhhhh Lookie there!!! Allison taught me how to have a siggie all the time! How cool is that??

I am busy today...trying to find my desk. I am only half way through my wallpaper experience and am already over it. I had to move on to another thing for awhile.

Todays the last day for BLOG CANDY! Did you enter? Did you tell yer friends to enter?


Lenoria said...

Becky P. you must have the biggest heart in Tennessee!! I love your friend's inspirational poem, In the Valley I Grow - definitely something we all should remember. She has such a beautiful smile even with everything she is going thru. You are a blessing in so many ways yourself and I just wish I lived closer to you so I could get to know you better.


Patty Williams said...

Don'tcha just love home improvement projects! Lotta work sometimes , but in the ends...wowzers..can be so satisfying!

Have a great weekend! (love your new siggy)

Melinda said...

Why is that I don't find out about the blog candy until it's over?!:-)

You can count me in. I'll be praying for your friend, too.