Jul 16, 2008

Oh shall I sing a song of Praise??

Remember that uber awesome place called CITIES CUPCAKE BOUTIQUE that I told you about a few weeks ago??? GUESS WHAT?!?! She is going to carry my cards! Can you believe that?!?! I am soooo excited I cant hardly stand it! You can barely keep my feet on the ground. I have surely been floating on a sea of icing since I talked to her yesterday!!!! Theres already an uber awesomely talented girl that has her cards there and I wouldnt dream of pushing her out, so my mind is a spinning trying to create different ways to market to that crowd rather than just the greeting cards. (which I LOVE).
This is an idea I pundted to her this afternoon. Not sure what we will come with in the end result. But what do you think???
This is called a Birthday in a Bag. The kit would contain: a cupcake box, a candle, a balloon, a party blower, a party hat, a sucker, a gift tag and a badge that says ITS MY BIRTHDAY!

I am just uber excited! And of course if you love it...then you can probly expect to see it (or maybe a version of it) at CCB!!!!


Anonymous said...

those are pretty creations!

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Melinda said...

Love it!!! I think it is a fabulous idea. So cute!

You go girl!

mornin'lady said...

Becky this is just awesome!
and I think the birthday idea is a good one, it's a really nice way to say "Your special to me" on their Birthday. I would definetely purchase a kit like this for someone. Go for it!!!

Patty Williams said...

Woweee girlie! That's fantastic!

Congrats to you, hope everything works out!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! I often wandered what part of TN you we're in, but after going to the website, I see...That's awesome! Much Blessings in your new adventure!