Jul 18, 2008

Isnt it amazing?

Isnt it simply amazing that so many things in life go unnoticed? This picture is of my side yard. The sun is just getting a good start on its day and already the trees are casting shadows. The grass probly needs a little trim--but over all its a beautiful sanctuary to see. Its quiet with only an occasional passerby on that road. If you were to drive by you might wave to us as we sit on our deck. Its quiet right now. But soon it will be full of a tweenagers music and a five year olds laughter. Soon there will be lawnmowers being started and soon the day will be in full swing. I know that you all can relate to this. Everything SEEMS normal. Well, okay theres those bills that must be paid, theres the unreasonable cost of gas, the illnesses and all the bad stuff that seems to be oozing out of the mouths of every newscaster on tv. The bad in life is screamed at us from the roof tops every where.

I ask you though...stop and look for the beauty in your own lives. Youd be surprised that its RIGHT THERE within your own lens.

Be Blessed--b


Patty Williams said...

I agree... love my own little corner of the world! Kids are out in their pool now swimming and enjoying life! That's what summer break is for, isn't it ! (never mind about Mom stuck doing all the chores!)

Moose Ridge said...

LOL -- I judge the day by wildlife... yesterday up the mountain, we saw a turkey on the way in (was too late in the day for the deer), and this morning while I was out walking, I saw three bunnies and helped a baby bird off the road...


Heather Peterson said...

Cool but for a kid like me I can't wait to go back to school. None of my friends can either.7th grade here we come!!!!!