Jul 20, 2008

Birthday Pics

Hey guys. Nearly forgot to post pics of the latest Birthday. Its tradition in our house that you get woke up with cake in bed on your Birthday. But its kind of hard when the Birthday person wakes up before you. Heather was waiting patiently downstairs for her Birthday embarrassment when I got up. It was 7am--so she cant blame me for sleeping in! I told her shed have to wait cause I hadnt even DECORATED the cake yet. This is when she inquired if she could decorate her own cake. OF COURSE! Less stress on me, she gets what she wants and I can sit down and try to find my brain in my morning grogginess.

I teased her for most of the day...telling her that shes a half of a box of candles. *LOL* Sounds like an insult. Truly it is just fact tho! :)

For lunch we met up with Paw Paw at the Japanese Buffet. It was fabulous! Heather ate herself silly on shrimp.

And of course---what is a Birthday without a CUPCAKE....AND singing. Yes, it truly is my goal to mortify my 12 year old to the fullest. MOM--I cant believe you SANG in there! MOM!!


Patty Williams said...

How sweet!

Heather Peterson said...

Yea but you get pretty sick of it after a while. Last year I went to a Japaneese restrant with my dad he secretly told them it was my birthday when I was in the bathroom. They did the celebration thing then he smuthered the cupcake all over my face. Though I didget to share the face implant with him.Lol