May 20, 2008

We are blessed!

We may not agree with the current leadership of our country, and we certainly might not agree with those running for the next round of presidency....but there is one thing for sure that I think we can all agree on and that is that we are free in America. We have the freedom of our Presidential candidates to battle for the chairs, we have the freedom to argue over religion and what is right and what is wrong. Just watch the news for a few minutes and we are quickly reminded how dang lucky we are. So even though its not July 4th, I wanted to just say IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, WHERE AT LEAST I KNOW IM FREE!!! I am proud to know that if our country was hit with a huge natural disaster that our pride would not get in the way of accepting foreign aid. I am grateful that there are soldiers all over the world that are fighting for America. Not only AMERICA, but for ME. Little ol me. So, even though we all get disgusted as we surf through the channels, not able to find the "news" without first waiting for the presidential running totals to be announced or to learn how a female can or cannot beat an African American or whatever....sit back and remember that many countries dont even have a choice in who their leaders are.
Be blessed...B

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Anonymous said...

OMgoodness...he is just the sweetest thing ! I agree with you 100%... I too, am proud to be an American! And my nephew gets out of the Navy in just a few short weeks! Home for good (I think) this card Becky

(and now I've got Lee Greenwood singing in my head!)