May 16, 2008

There is nothing as happy sounding...

There is nothing as happy sounding as a bunch of giggly little girls. I am thrilled to pieces with the party so far. No one is fighting, everyone is having fun and all is absolutely FABULOUS!

We have tiedyed tshirts, played flashlight tag, had the bonfire ... in which we burned homework (YAY!), had smores, danced, told ghost stories and had enough junkfood to last at least a week and a half. They are now munching on popcorn and devouring the candy boquet as they watch movies out in the popup. Sooooo cool! They can giggle and talk and whatever....and the rest of the family kind of has some sense of sanity in the house.

Do you know what sounds better than little girls having fun? Its when you hear one of them whispering to another that THIS is the best party ever! WOW! I feel like I have just been crowned mom of the year!! WOOWHOOO!

Thank you Jesus for the best job in the whole wide world! I loooove being Mom!

Off again...Happy Weekend!!---B


Anonymous said...

Lori, You inspire me everyday to be the BEST Mom to Kaylee and thank you for all your inspiration!! Hootie

Anonymous said...

That's so cool they think it's the BEST party! I know how that must warm your heart!

HOpe the rest of the party went even better!