May 28, 2008

Dontchya wish you had smellovision!!!

These are the cutest dont you think?? We made these yesterday at my friends house. I am soooo grateful to have my stampin time. Anyways. Besides the fact that they are the cutest thing ever...they SMELL! They are scratch and sniff! Yes, just run your nails over the fruit and the smell comes to life!

The inside says: Sending you a little something wrapped in a whole lot of love. Marilyn suggested going to McDonalds and getting the $1 gift certificates for icecream and enclosing them in there with them. HOW COOL IS THAT??? I know lots of kids that would think that was just the bomb!

And finally the great news of our house. BESIDES the fact that it is summer time, our schedules are long gone and I have gotten REALLY bad at blogging... ITS OFFICIAL! We have a Daisy amoung us! And Jennifer...your Daisy is absolutely adorable. But I think mine might give her a run for her money! Hannah said her Girl Scout Pledge last night and received her tunik, and her first patch. Shes very excited! And of course we are proud!
I nearly forgot to show you the pics of "da Van" this is our newest addition. "da Van" is her official name and she is a lot of fun! We are uber grateful for her. She has lots of bells and whistles and we once again feel safe in our car. Always a GOOD thing when one is driving around your entire family. We got a fair price and I couldnt be more happy with the dealership. I also couldnt be more grateful that I dont have to test drive anymore stupid cars! NO, I still have not sucombed to the whole minivan thought. But I LOOOOVE the way she drives, I love the room and so far we have gotten about 28 miles to the gallon. How can you beat that??? And at least she is red, and not granny gold or silver or white. I am happy. And whats even funnier is to see my 6'7 husband all giddy with da Van too!
Anyways...we are heading to the pool! Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Lots of Congratulations to your household! A Daisy! Fantastic!

A new van! I know you'll love it once you get over the initial shock of driving a "granny" van! LOL

The card is adorable! May have to try one of my own :)

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

That's a HOT Mommy Van! I love it! That's the only van I would buy! They look like a car w/a big roof! It's HOT! I would drive "da Van" with no kids...Congrat's! Daisy's become Brownies....How Cool is that!

Jennifer said...

You're lucky you didn't say blue in your list of granny colors!!! LOL

I LOVE those cards, they are sooo adorable.

Jennifer said...

Hey there!

Let's see....first of all....I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cute cards!! That's such a nifty idea. Kids would think that was the coolest thing get a card like that with a coupon for an ice cream. Very cool.

Our Daisies will run a tight race as far as cuteness. We will just say that MY Daisy is cutest in the feline world and YOUR Daisy is WAY CUTE in girlie world! Actually she is SUPER CUTE!! My little Daisy will be so excited that you mentioned her on your blog! LOL!!

Ok...and I am all about a mini van Mom. I am one for sure! I love my Honda! Like you said lots of bells and's not your ordinary granny van. It's the cool mamma van!! I love the red...mine is gray. You are gonna love it....especially when you go on vacation. It so comfy and it actually gets very good gas mileage. Can't beat that!

Have a GREAT weekend Becky!
I hope you enjoyed your day at the pool too. =-)