Feb 6, 2008

We are okay here

I just wanted to check in and let you know that we are okay here. The weather missed us. Its still incredibly warm here and we have gotten a LOT of rain and wind....but we are fine.

At least weather wise we are ok anyways. I am still not feeling worth a flip with this dang cold. Geesh! Whats up with that? I have already decided that if something miraculous doesnt happen over night tonight I am gonna go in to the doc tomorrow. Surely there is some relief SOMEWHERE right? My ears are clogged, my eyes are blurry and of course my nose is stuffed. UGH!!!

I wanted to share this blog with you. I just recently found it by way of one of my bestest friends, Lori and I KNEW that you all needed to know about it too! So go check out Lysa TerKeurst you wont be sorry!

Have a good day. Be safe! -- b

1 comment:

Praise and Coffee said...

When I saw that you were from East Tennessee, I wondered!
I'm glad your family is ok!