Jan 12, 2008

Just another day in paradise!

Well...ok...good news is this: I have USB ports again! WOOHOOOOHOOO! Good news is everything is coming back to the laptop fairly easily. Bad news....I have to reinstall EVERYTHING. Yes...everything from Publisher and Elements to Adobe Reader and WinZip. I have to reinstall my printers and scanners, my camera software, my iTunes, my settings...you name it. Its like taking this thing out of the box and starting all over again. Lets just pray that it has a little bit longer life than the last one. But on a happy note I am on the mend! WOOHOO!

If I have learned ANYTHING through all of this it is to be less dependent on my system. I used to save my photos to my computer...then upload them to Walgreens and or photobucket. Well guess what? There are not going to be many that will actually be on my computer anymore. Why should there be after all? Both Photobucket and Walgreens will let me save the photo back to my computer and altar it if I need to. I am also now saving everything to my jump drive as far as documents or whatnot. But lets just pray this will not be an issue any more!

OK....unfortunately today for SCRAPPY SKETCH SATURDAY I only have 3 cards to show you. I have been dilligently working I promise...but since I am having so much trouble with the system -- well I might need to just be nice for a bit. Here is the sketch though...


Its a kickstand card. Way fun to make! And here are two of my samples.

And here is one that I turned sideways. Kinda cool this way dont you think??


I apologize for being missing in action and not being able to altar my pics at all. I havent installed any of that software yet.

Go and have a happy day! Love B


Jennifer said...

I am so glad that you got it fixed, hopefully it won't take too long to get everything installed again. The kickstand cards look great.

Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

Great job on the challenge, your cards are wonderful. Hopefully your computer problems will be all worked out soon and everything will be working just like you want. Have a wonderful week - Jovi

Anonymous said...

I love all your cards but the last one with the little birdie singing is just too precious! I really like that stamp.

Hope all your computer problems are worked out!


Anonymous said...

so many of our stamps are the same, LOL... all the art looks wonderful!!


Robin said...

My favorite is the sideways one.