Jan 16, 2008


Good Morning CANDY seekers! Were half way thru the week. WOOHOO! Unfortunately I dont have any pics to post just yet this morning (BUT I WILL THIS AFTERNOON--I PROMISE). I did, however want to come on and say hello. Tell ya what I am doing today. First of all...I am working backwards today. Rather than picking my stamp and then searching for the proper embellishment --I am going to pick my embellishment and then look for a stamp to go with it. As I was organizing my stuff last night --- no I am NOT an organized person I just like change and didnt like how I was storing stuff--- I came across sooo many things that 1) I didnt know I even had or 2) I had completely forgot about. I KNOW many of you can relate so I am challenging you today to do the same. Dig through those buttons, brads, charms and eyelets. Pull em out and start from them. Ya know...those fancy shaped eyelets that you havent used yet cause --theyre just so cute and using them would mean they werent in your collection anymore....and *gasp* that would be so awful!!! (Thats as logical as those candles that you wont ever lite that are melting in your attic--because they are just too pretty!) I would love to see your cards or sb layouts that you come up with. You can email em to me, or send me a link to your gallery.

And I have one other thing to share with you. I was recently told to change my diet. My blood work came back in a little less than perfect shape. So I have cut out all refined sugars and all whites, meaning flour, potatoes, corn, enriched wheat flour and all of those fabulously wonderful things that I love and live on. Anyways....No matter how much FRUIT I eat it does not satisfy my cravings for a COOKIE. The taste, the texture...the everything. Then I found these cookies at the dollar store. Figured...what the hey--Id try em.

I bought one of every kind they had there and of course....being so excited I opened every single bag up on the car...preparing myself for my "official" taste test. The first...almond. They were ok. Kinda bland. The second...Chocolate Chip...um---not my favorite. Hard to make non chocolate taste like chocolate to a true chocoholic. OK...so 1 out of 4...not bad. Then I tried Oatmeal. They are actually pretty good too. But then oh my gosh...I tried coconut and am T-Totally addicted to them! They are soooooooooooooo good.

Now let me tell you, no I do NOT work for Joseph's, I do NOT get paid to advertise and to be honest I know very little about the company all together. But what I do know--is if you are struggling without your cookies...this is a good switch. And I love to know when REAL people like something....so I thought Id share with you too.

Now...I also got to tell you...dont go eating a bag of Chips Ahoy and then break open a bag of these thinking they are going to be fabulous. They wont be. But when you havent had a cookie in 6 days (yes--I AM counting) they were a huge success for my taste buds.

OK...so one more time...remember to post for blog candy! GO CREATE! And if you can, check back this evening, I promise to have posted a few pics for you to see!


Anonymous said...

So happy to have found your Blog! You are a hoot ! And I'm a hollerin' it too!

QVC sells or did sell those Josephs cookies and they were MEGA expensive! Glad you found them at the Dollar store. I love coconut !..yum...

Can't wait to see your new cards!

Anonymous said...

Hey, ya know what, I just remembered about a cookie I make sometimes for my MIL (she's a diabetic) Let me know if you like peanut butter and I'll send it to you!