Jan 9, 2008

Im cleaning today!

I wish I had a bagillion fabulous things to share with you today. But as you can see I have had LOTS of help this morning from my partner in crime. Twinkle was untieing the bows as fast as I was tieing them on this card. I DID get to leave a couple of them on though.

This is just a quick card I did this morning so that I would have something to post. I had fergotten that I had bought these little trinkets last year at the hobby store. They are dollhouse parts. Just thought they were tooooooo cute. Anyways. The inside says--You hold the key to my heart.

And I am soooo excited! Twinks seat came in today!!! I am hoping with all of my might that her furry butt will now not REST on my paper! She has her very own...made just fer her window seat. She doesnt even have to lift her precious head to look out. What more could a princess ask for after all? Oh yeah....her blanket of course!! My daughter asked me the other day why I dont take pics of the other animals as much as I do Twinkle. To which my reply is this: Twinkle is 99% of the time doing something whacky. She is also at my side 99% of the time (hense the need for the window seat) so I am constantly catching great shots of her. Yes...she has her own pillow in my bed too, tho she prefers mine. I have my camera loaded and ready cause I just KNOW I am gonna catch her falling off of this thing...so be waiting for that!

But for today. My creating is going to consist of CLEANING my great room. Cause right now its a great MESS! How bout you. Do you have any MESSES in your life you need to take care of.
Today I read of Abraham...when he took his only son to give as an offering. Are YOU listening wholeheartedly to Jesus? Are you ready to do whatEVER it is that He asks? Hmmm....I know that I could answer that though I am afraid my Yes, would be soon followed by a 'but'---yes, but Lord can I do this first? Yes, but do I have to do it with her? Yes, but Lord Id really rather sleep in cant it wait? Abraham was blessed through and through...even after his death his children were blessed. How many blessings are YOU passing down? Hmm...I know it makes me stop and think. How bout you.
have a fantabulous day! -- b


Anonymous said...

I need to know where you got Twink's bed, cuz I'll probably need one for every room in the new house -- my boys won't know what to do when they live in the woods!

And I understand completely about the "yes, but..." -- a resolution for me!!

love ya!

Debbie said...

I have a similar seat for Gizmo. He loves it since he is an indoor kitty. He can look out the window, enjoy the breeze and still keep an eye on me as I craft.

He's too cute untying your bows. lol