Nov 15, 2007

Rustoleum, the glue of the next century!

Have you ever used Rustoleum's metal paint? If you have then you know exactly what I am talking about. It sticks to EVERYTHING. After using SOS, acetone, paint thinner and every other thing I could think of, I STILL have spots of black paint all over me. I had to cut pieces of my hair because I couldnt get the dang stuff out. It DOES stick to metal and it covers beautifully but let me tell you what...its a mess.

The furniture is IN! It is GORGEOUS! It is perfect! I am soooo excited! We spent most of yesterday painting all of it. We got it moved in and its all painted. Unfortunately my floor didnt weather the move as well. It got banged up quite a lot. SO...change of plans on it! I splattered more paint around and have scraped it up some more! I am going for the distressed look. I love it! The border (yes the checkerboard one) made all the difference on the workbench.

I know you all are DIEING to see photos. Not yet, but I promise you it will be very very soon. We have to get the shelves installed and the cornisboard for the drapes (to cover my storage area) and also get the crown molding up. HOPEFULLY we can get a lot of that done today. As much as it is killing me I am giving the furniture another 24 hours to cure. Its all dry this morning. But just to be on the safe side I guess I will wait to move in.

Have I told you lately what a Godsend my mother in law has been through all of this? She has been soooooooooooooooo much help! Shes like a pig in mud with these sort of things. She has so much fun and is so inspiring. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Did I mention that I am painting my guest room too? I know...I know... a house full of people going to be here next week. I should be focusing on cleaning the sinks rather than rearranging furniture. Oh but it is all so much fun! So stay tuned for that endeavor too!!

I need help from you all though. I need quotes that pertain to dreaming. creativity, wisdom.....send em to me!

Love to all!

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