Oct 16, 2007

A little more "bling" on the queen

I finally had a chance to get a pic of her majesty with her new red cast. This was of course AFTER the repainting of the toes. Because you KNOW that pink toes do NOT match a red cast...I mean DUH!!! And because I didnt feel like changing her out of her PINK pajamas, I didnt bring up the fact that they didnt match either.
She is all sparkling clean out of the bath...well ok really shes off of my kitchen counter and done with a sponge bath. I threatened to take a picture of her in her Birthday suit when she said she didnt want to have a cast picture posted. She reluctantly agreed to pose for this shot WITH her clothes on. I think she will be glad to return to a real bath and closed doors.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky & Ron ~ she is such a cutie! Her Majesty, for sure ~ Ellie